JLab GO Air Pop Review

Wireless earbuds for £ are nothing new. Online retailers are chock full with budget buds that look just as good as more expensive alternatives from big-name brands right up until you stick them in your ears and start listening. The difference with JLab’s GO Air Pop buds is that they actually sound pretty good. In fact, for the price, they’re amazingly good. Read our JLab GO Air Pop Review.


JLab GO Air Pop Review

That isn’t to say they match the likes of Sony or Sennheiser. If you’re able to spend the extra money, those brands are still worth considering. However, if your budget is more modest, these JLab buds are a sensible choice.

One of the first things you’ll appreciate is the battery life. The buds themselves will last for eight hours, while the case can hold another 24 hours of charge, which is transferred to the buds when they’re stored away.

The buds are sweat resistant and connect to your mobile devices using Bluetooth. You can then control functions such as volume by tapping the buds themselves. You can also take calls and summon voice assistants in the same way.

Sound quality isn’t as brilliant as you get from buds that cost £ and more, but it’s excellent for the price, producing a sensible balance across all frequencies, with adequate bass and detailed vocals.

JLab GO Air Pop Review


6mm drivers • 32-hour battery life • 10m range • IPX4 splash resistant • Bluetooth 5.1 • 3.7g per earbud • Two-year warranty www.snipca.com/42565


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JLab GO Air Pop Review

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